Chaim - We Are - Supplement Facts

Chaim – We Are – Supplement Facts

April 22, 2013

Supplement Facts get set to release a killer package from prolific Israeli producer and long-time collaborator, Chaim. The latest, superlative ‘We Are’ EP is a three-tiered dancefloor odyssey with the stylistic range to last from dusk until dawn.

A-side ‘We Are’ feat. Meital Derazone will immediately hook the crowd with a moody bass riff and dark echoing vox, slowly building into a hypnotic synth driven peak time voyage with an epic feel.

Flip over to the B-side and ‘Orion Skies’ is a more understated affair lifted with floaty atmospherics as disembodied vocals whisper over the analogue groove and fluid pads and creeping chords permeate the spacey arpeggiated synths.

Final track ‘Social Assassin’ has a more unhinged edge with deranged vocal clips, a tough percussive groove, trippy echoing FX and propulsive bass. Ascending organ chords lead to a dramatic bassline drop sure to destroy the dancefloor.

Long-time friend and compatriot to Guy Gerber and the Supplement Facts label, fellow Tel-Aviv export Chaim is another of the country’s most prolific electronic artists. Having collaborated with Guy on a number of releases and also becoming part of the prestigious cannon at BPitch Control, this EP for Supplement Facts will be the latest in an over-flowing catalogue of heavyweight club records.

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