Sepalcure - Make You - Hotflush Recordings

Sepalcure – Make You – Hotflush Recordings

April 18, 2013

After releasing two EPs and utilising the broader canvas of their universally acclaimed debut album (‘Sepalcure’) to develop their collaborative project, the adroit drum-programming and production duo of Sepalcure (Travis Stewart (Machinedrum) and Praveen Sharma (Braille/ Praveen & Benoit)) return after a year-long absence with ‘Make You,’ scheduled for release in April on their long-term home of Hotflush Recordings.

Since debuting on the label, Stewart and Sharma have collaborated with the shared understanding that there are no rules to what they can produce. This refusal to be inhibited by any steadfast structures, or expectations set down by shifting scenes and surrounding culture, has allowed their sound to become its own guide, capable of developing in a wholly natural way.

With heartbreaking melodies, skittering footwork percussion, chopped guitar cuts and infectious tremelo vocals, ‘Make You’ is the direct result of this liberated outlook in which disparate elements are given the space to collide head-on in the formation of something completely fresh.

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