Various Artists - Family Affair 01 - Steyoyoke

Various Artists – Family Affair 01 – Steyoyoke

April 21, 2013

The love of house music runs deep through the Steyoyoke family and this latest release is not shy to show it. Taking some of the labels shining stars from the past year, Steyoyoke artists have been given the chance to remix their fellow family members tracks. Family Affair 01 is a salute to the unity shown within the label and proves that there is still so much love to give from Steyoyoke.

Starting things off is Bartok’s remix of Dahu’s dark and enigmatic “Deep In The Woods” anthem. Bartok holds onto some of the mystery, though he twists and turns through the woods to conjure up an all the more driven step and finds itself coming to a clearing.

Bartok’s “Cherries” was a provocative and alluring house anthem that left you wanting more and to remix such a gem would take a brave soul, step up Soul Button. Keeping still the signature vocals, Soul Button lifts Cherries higher with rushing synth chords falling into the beat.

Sasch puts a strong hand to I’m Fine and Antonio Olivieri’s summer anthem – “If I Were Music”. Rising from the dark, Sasch comes out fighting with a persistent groove that keeps going until you’ve had enough.

The young dj and producer Dahu gives his take on Antonio Olivieri’s “Rudiments” with an uplifting remix of the original foot stomper. Rich with soul and raw with emotion, Dahu tantalizes with unique and surprising synths and sounds.

“Marian” by Sasch was a track that found itself lifting the hearts of many patrons to the dancefloor. Antonio Olivieri’s remix delivers with an engaging beat and a teasing spanish guitar sample that lifts you high beyond the clouds.

Steyoyoke’s newest family member Florian Rietze is given the task of remixing I’m Fine and Antonio Olivieri’s – “Your Ghost”. Florian shows no sign of being the youngest within the family with what is a very mature remix. Seductively dark, but still tender and gentle.

Closing the curtain on this first Family Affair is MPathy with a weighty punch behind Soul Button’s classic – “Shadows”. Filled to the brim with energy and heart, MPathy highlights the passion and evermore giving challenge of delivering only the finest house music.

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