Climbers Feat. Cari Golden - No Compromise EP - Fukai

Climbers Feat. Cari Golden – No Compromise EP – Fukai

May 26, 2013

Hot on the heels of the label’s first release, Fukai follows up with a new single from Mexican producers of the day Climbers, featuring the vocals of Cari Golden – who has also contributed to labels like Akbal recently – plus remixes from DotDash and Skeet.

Kon - All About Youx - Soul Clap Records

Kon – All About Youx – Soul Clap Records

May 26, 2013

There’s plenty of fresh faces in dance music and there´s plenty of legends, but how often do you come across a legendary fresh face? Christian Taylor aka DJ Kon is about as FRESH as it gets and yet has been doing it since before most of us knew how to cue a record.

Miguel Campbell - Beams Of Light - Hot Creations

Miguel Campbell – Beams Of Light – Hot Creations

May 26, 2013

The mighty Hot Creations welcome back firm label favourite Miguel Campbell with ‘Beams of Light ’ already supported on Radio 1 by Pete Tong, this sensational slice of modern disco featured on his highly successful debut album ‘Back In Flight School’ released on the label last year. A stellar selection of remixes come courtesy of Alexis Raphael and Crooked Man aka DJ Parrott

Dinky - Falling Angel - Visionquest

Dinky – Falling Angel – Visionquest

May 25, 2013

Dinky makes her evolution from inaugural DJ to singer songwriter and front stage performer with new album ‘Dimension D’ out in June on Visionquest. Single ‘Falling Angel’ is first to drop with remixes from two elite producers, Matthew Styles, who coproduced the album, and Pépé Bradock. Both heighten Dinky’s layered ethereal vocals and mesmerising melodies with their own movement and elements of dark and light.

Cy Humphreys - Live & Let Cy EP - Arthouse

Cy Humphreys – Live & Let Cy EP – Arthouse

May 25, 2013

Hailing from Wrexham in North Wales. Cy is an outspoken DJ and club critic, plying his trade venues and parties across Manchester. Involved in making music since the mid nineties, Cy’s first solo production release came about when Luv*Jam approached him in 2011 about releasing on the vinyl only label Crow Castle Cuts. Queensbridge Chatta, a deep, Kool and The Gang influenced piece appeared on the orange disc which sold out through pre-order in January of 2012.

Stimming - Stimming - Diynamic
Michael Ruris - Loose - Handmade Recordings

Michael Ruris – Loose – Handmade Recordings

May 24, 2013

San Francisco house music imprint Handmade Recordings gets set to drop their ninth release, “Loose” from label veteran Michael Ruris, and it’s aimed towards fans of Chicago’s old school acid house sound. This is modern acid house though; minimalist, electronic funk that slyly nods to the phuturistic sounds of Chi-town’s yesteryears of dance floor glory.

Re.You - Anyway - Mobilee

Re.You – Anyway – Mobilee

May 23, 2013

From shattered court dreams to booming international DJ gigs, Marius Maier, a former German Youth Basketball champion, retired from the game after sustaining a knee injury a few years ago. But like any “as one door closes…” story goes, Re.You quickly channeled his energy and ambition into electronic dance music. He exchanged his jersey number
for an artst alias and the reincarnation birthed a rising talent by the name of Re.You.

Jamie Jones - Moan & Groan - Crosstown Rebels

Jamie Jones – Moan & Groan – Crosstown Rebels

May 23, 2013

Jamie Jones is back with a killer release for Crosstown Rebels. New single ‘Moan & Groan’ is­ a vintage Jones production full of bounce, quirks and sex appeal.

JAW & Kevork Keshishian - Hazihi Laylaty - Circus Company

JAW & Kevork Keshishian – Hazihi Laylaty – Circus Company

May 23, 2013

As if their recent releases hadn’t already been spreading the sound of Circus Company into new and exciting places, now their very silver-tongued enchanter JAW emerges with the first details of his own autonomous project. Somewhere in between the electronic drive of his day job in dOP and the folky, organic instrumentation of Les Fils Du Calvaire, JAW shares with us a new venture that has thrust him into the studio with Lebanese musician Kevork Keshishian. After a chance meeting on the streets of Beirut, the pair struck upon a creative buzz and so “Hazihi Laylaty” was born.

Ralph Lawson - Dusty Dubs & Gold Dust - 2020Vision

Ralph Lawson – Dusty Dubs & Gold Dust – 2020Vision

May 23, 2013

2020Vision mark their 250th release with a very fitting project from the originator of the label Ralph Lawson. Lawson presents a selection of classic mixes and unreleased gems produced alongside his original production partner Carl Finlow.

Kitt Bang & Enne - Soul Preacher EP - Electunes Recordings

Kitt Bang & Enne – Soul Preacher EP – Electunes Recordings

May 23, 2013

Young gun Kitt Bang became a famous Munich resident DJ over the past ten years, most notably for his sets at Zombocombo freak-theater. The old dog Enne has spun and produced records for nearly thirty years. He’s created and remixed tracks for labels like Compost, Permanent Vacation, Nang, and Tirk. Enne is also a member of the acclaimed Electunes band Mohear.

Felix Cage - I Am The Night - Manual Music

Felix Cage – I Am The Night – Manual Music

May 22, 2013

Born in Paris, raised in Moscow and now residing in Brussels, Felix Cage is a man of the world. Classical music, Russian pop-rock of the early 90’s as well as the echos of the European house scene form his musical background. It is later in Belgium that Felix fully embracing the electronic music movement, the European clubbing culture broadens his musical horizons leading to DJing and later to production of music.

Patchy - Illuminations - Manual Music

Patchy – Illuminations – Manual Music

May 17, 2013

The debut album from electro-tinged pop songstress Patchy, which was produced in The Netherlands and Germany will be released this coming June. ‘Illuminations’ see’s Patchy’s warm and sweet vocals create melodies over driving rhythms and bassy synths, all making for a delightful slice of electro-pop.

Visage - Hearts & Knives - Blitz Club

Visage – Hearts & Knives – Blitz Club

May 16, 2013

Founding fathers of the New Romantics and pioneers of the 80’s sound Visage, return with a new album ‘Hearts And Knives’ that may have been a long time in coming but it is a purposeful statement of just where Steve Strange and Visage are at present. The past has been full of highs and lows but musically & creatively they are at a point where they can confidently present an album containing all the strands of their unique mix of music, fashion and style.