Akabu - Everybody Wants Something [feat. Alex Mills] - Z Records

Akabu – Everybody Wants Something [feat. Alex Mills] – Z Records

May 3, 2013

For more than two decades has Dave Lee AKA Joey Negro’s Z Records label released a timeless blend of house, disco, funk and boogie, and here it continues in that vein with a new single from the man himself in his Akabu Guise

With a long and rich history of crafting seminal records like ‘Do What You Feel’, ‘Phuture Bound’‚ and ‘Ride the Storm’, it’s no wonder this new single as Akabu is so standout. First up is the Joey Negro mix, which features the soaring neo soul croons of Alex Mills (who spotters might recognize from Miguel Campbell’s ‘Something Special’). It’s unashamedly feel-good with its bouncing, skewed and spraying synths and driving bassline, with pristine production putting many imitators to shame.

Next up, the Akabu Warehouse Mix is built on chunky drums and classic claps before rave indebted synths swoop into the mix. Building the tension slowly, the whole thing comes alive with a bobbling bassline and the carefully chopped and spliced diva vocals of Miss Mills.

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