Alex Agore - Reach for Me EP - Dabit Records

Alex Agore – Reach for Me EP – Dabit Records

May 13, 2013

The Dabit label is aiming to offer up new experiences in house and techno, and for the second release turn to someone who has proved he knows how to do that in the past, namely Alex Agore. On labels like 4Lux and Say Ahh! Agore has laid down his own blend of garage and house to a warm reception.

His ‘Reach For Me EP’ opens with the title track, a vibey floor filler with slinky hi hats and a classic diva vocal bouncing between tight, pinging kick drums. Simple but hugely effective and done in style, it’s a bona-fide bomb.

‘Tall & Handsome’ is up next. This one drives forward that bit more purposefully with expertly crafted synths whizzing around the meaty beats of the track. They light it up from behind and imbue it with plenty of future soul, and that’s before the 90s-tastic piano stabs and chopped vocal cries join in the fun: the floor will be on fire in the presence of this one.

Finally, ‘He Will Always Be There’ is a kinetic brew of bold basslines, fulsome kicks and unashamedly good time pianos that douse the whole track in a jazzy warmth from start to finish.

A more accessible house EP you will find it harder to unearth, but that’s not to say there isn’t plenty of invention and proud production in everything to which Agore puts his name… As such, a great job from Dabit on just their second release.

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