Cy Humphreys - Live & Let Cy EP - Arthouse

Cy Humphreys – Live & Let Cy EP – Arthouse

May 25, 2013

Hailing from Wrexham in North Wales. Cy is an outspoken DJ and club critic, plying his trade venues and parties across Manchester. Involved in making music since the mid nineties, Cy’s first solo production release came about when Luv*Jam approached him in 2011 about releasing on the vinyl only label Crow Castle Cuts. Queensbridge Chatta, a deep, Kool and The Gang influenced piece appeared on the orange disc which sold out through pre-order in January of 2012.

Off that success Cy was asked to contribute to the next release. “Valle Crucis Radio Party”, which was released in the summer of 2012. was a percussive slice of esoteric house that went to number 5 on the Juno vinyl chart and saw his tracks featured on radio shows and podcasts all over the world. Cy’s next release for Arthouse is not only his first digital release, but is his first full solo E.P.

The 3 tracker moves around the different aspects of what Cy plays in a DJ set. ‘Humans and Hedgehogs’ draws influences from the likes of early 90s UK house like React 2 Rhythm, The Beat Foundation and Djum Djum and fuses them with more modern influences like Trentemoller and Metro Area.

Simple Genetics is a revised echo of Chicago’s glory days. Intricately programmed drums and cut up rhodes chords build up a clever crescendo that peaks to strings and piano rolls with overtones of Larry Heard and DJ Pierre.

Real Love is certainly the deepest of the 3 that Cy alleged to have made during an after club panic attack. It’s said to be Influenced by early Good Looking records and more more modern labels like Smallville and Feelharmonic records.

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