Kon - All About Youx - Soul Clap Records

Kon – All About Youx – Soul Clap Records

May 26, 2013

There’s plenty of fresh faces in dance music and there´s plenty of legends, but how often do you come across a legendary fresh face? Christian Taylor aka DJ Kon is about as FRESH as it gets and yet has been doing it since before most of us knew how to cue a record.

 Graffiti writer since ‘83, DJ since ‘85, in clubs since ‘91 and that was only the beginning. Kon may be an acronym for “King Of Nothing” but after taking a look at his accomplishments he seems like the King of PLENTY. He won roller disco competitions as a kid, put out hip hop 12″s for Bobbito´s “Fondle Em” and Rawkus Records.  In 2006 BBE Records named Kon & Amir (his former partner) “The Kings Of Diggin´” a title that solidified Kon´s reputation as growing one of the worlds most priceless record collections (once our beloved Vinyl Connection closed the collection went to Kon).  He´s also in our humble opinions pretty much the best disco DJ (technical and programming) we´ve ever encountered.

We met Kon as fresh faces ourselves way before Soul Clap took off. We were still entrenched in Boston´s top 40 night life and shared a residency together at a club called Aria (then many others).  Kon took us under his wing and set our minds free empowering us with knowledge of disco, boogie, funk and the old school.  Since our lives on the road have taken us far and wide, Kon has transported us back home with his impossibly dope edits and reworks. As his bio states, Kon has positioned himself at the forefront of a group of multi-track collectors who posses digital versions of the original recording sessions of some of pop music’s greatest artists. This resource along with Kon’s vast knowledge of music has resulted in his creation of some of the most dance floor friendly edits and remixes today, PERIOD.

This moment however, is not about edits or digging but rather about pure inspiration born out lovelorn sorrow. After a lifetime in music, the “All About Youx EP” is some of Kon´s first original house music productions which showcase an emerging deep sound, a fusion of old and new, filling a very necessary gap in House music.  These songs, all about love and his experience of loving somebody take the dance floor to a place of both joy and pain.  Was it her charm and her passion? She´ll always love you forever?  Love you / don´t love you? all of these questions are posed poetically in this powerfully truthfully EP where love truly is the message.

In Kon’s words:  “Love is many things… a journey, a feeling, its something you do, a state of being… and when you love unconditionally, you take a risk, being completely vulnerable, willing to give without any expectations. No matter what part of the world I find myself in I realize in our quest for happiness, we all really do want the same things in life.  Sometimes we get lost along the way, still we keep pushing on, searching, trying to find our way.  I´ve learned that in the end if you hold back in fear of winning or losing… either way you may wind up with nothing.”

The digital release also includes remixes from Soul Clap Records family members Nick Monaco and Night Plane who add their signature twists of deepness.

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