Martin Landsky - Ekko Traxx - Poker Flat Recordings

Martin Landsky – Ekko Traxx – Poker Flat Recordings

May 13, 2013

Martin Landsky needs little introduction – his services to the cause of house and techno have been well documented, particularly through his long and fruitful collaboration with Steve Bug’s Poker Flat label.

Always willing to take chances, Landsky continues this legacy with what might be the fiercest assault of the dancefloor of the year – get ready for Ekko Trax. This three track release sees Martin achieve something very special – a raw and honest tribute to the sounds that inspired him – namely the early days of Detroit and Chicago, before genres like house and techno had been defined and pigeon–holed. Each cut here is a creative interpretation of the tough, jacking rhythm trax popularized by originators like Ron Hardy at the Warehouse in the mid 80s – uncut machine funk made with one purpose in mind – delirious and ecstatic dancefloor movement.

Even the titles reflect the stripped down vibe – these trax are purposefully rough-hewn and fully authentic – aggressive and euphoric slices of electronic body music that build their groove and melody out of swaths of deadly delay and echo. Showing it’s still possible to innovate with basic materials, ‘ET1’ and ‘ET2’ are equally irresistible – paired down to the essentials and shot through with a charged, raw energy. ‘Let It Snow’ continues the theme – an acidic monster built on the sounds that shaped a generation.

Each of these tracks has a timeless quality, managing to both pay their respects to the origins and keeping things moving forward at the same time. One thing’s for sure – Landsky’s Ekko Trax will be tearing up clubs from Berlin to Buenos Aires throughout 2013.

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