Marvin Zeyss - Whatever EP - Colourful Recordings

Marvin Zeyss – Whatever EP – Colourful Recordings

May 2, 2013

Colourful Recordings is a Stockholm based imprint run by DJ and producer Tobias Lindén that has built up a solid reputation for charismatic house music over the course of its first nine releases. Now the label hits double figures with an EP from Nuremberg resident and rising talent Marvin Zeyss, complete with a remix by Soulfooled and OFF Recordings man Mario Aureo.

Zeyss has already notched up some Beatport hits with his early releases on labels like Brown Eyed Boyz Records, and has been remixed by big hitters including Maya Jane Coles and Tevo Howard. Now though he goes it alone once more and on first track ‘Whatever’ lays out a fine vision for modern house – fresh percussion that doesn’t sound right out of the box, nicely underlapping beats and plenty of jazzy warmth from the simple but effective chords.

‘Thinking of You’ is his next contribution – this one is quicker and tighter, with swirling synths circling a more direct and driving kick drum and again everything about the production oozes class and warmth.

Finally, the German offers up ‘Solitary Life’ which as the title suggest is a much more rueful cut that wallows in minor chords and downbeat synths. There’s a hint of Africanism about the loose limbed percussion, too, and it’s a track that proves Zeyss can do heartfelt as much as he can full throttle house.

Remixer Mario Aurelo has built himself a revered profile after a number of great EPs, and the version he turns in is a no nonsense, stripped deep house groove for the heads. Simple percussion well designed claps and a diving bassline all lock you in place and never let you go.

At ten releases old Colour is still as strong as ever and here introduce a bright new star to the house world.

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