Ralph Lawson - Dusty Dubs & Gold Dust - 2020Vision

Ralph Lawson – Dusty Dubs & Gold Dust – 2020Vision

May 23, 2013

2020Vision mark their 250th release with a very fitting project from the originator of the label Ralph Lawson. Lawson presents a selection of classic mixes and unreleased gems produced alongside his original production partner Carl Finlow.

Lawson started working again with Carl Finlow last year and their creative spark re-ignited immediately. There is nothing like re-finding a long lost friend especially when they have been responsible for so many great musical moments together. Their recent work for the Maya Jane Coles produced project LB testifies their superb skills are as honed as ever. It is a fitting time to announce their rekindled partnership as Lawson also announces he is leaving 2020Soundsystem.

So what’s dusty dubs all about?

Ralph Lawson received a call last year requesting permission to re-release a mix he had done for DJ Dove over 10 years previously of a track called ‘Come On’. He had forgotten all about the mix but it still sounded good so he agreed. Then two things happened – a journalist called Kristan Caryl picked up on the track and asked in his review why Lawson didn’t produce more and same time people started buying and reacting to the track as if it was a new release. Both events got Lawson thinking; what other tracks were produced at the infamous Farmhouse studios that he may have forgotten and what could be new discoveries?

So on the first day of this year he ventured into his Garage lock up where all the old DAT master tapes were stored and started to root through them. It was a challenge to find a working DAT player and one even started to chew up the precious and only copies of the recordings. Eventually he managed to extract the recordings and sat down with Discogs to see what was up with this material. He was amazed to find that there was loads of material that had never been released and that much of their work was now highly sought after, deleted or unavailable digitally. Every exciting discovery added to the project until it became something Lawson felt had real worth.

Every track tells a story. The biggest buzz came when an unmarked DAT was just left to play and a track came on that Lawson had forgotten; Prophets of Sound – Tide of Dreams. Not only did it remind him of ‘Andres – New For U’ but it also sounded totally current. Lawson was then amazed to find that it had never been released. So is it old or is it new? Well both.

Many tracks were made 10 years ago but listening to them today will be the first time you (or anyone else) will have heard many of them. They will also be new for a whole new generation of DJs and music lovers. Also included are bona fide classics that fully deserve to be presented to the next generation of clubbers. In a time when many up and coming producers are trying to replicate early electronic house music Lawson & Finlow restate their claim as originators and pioneers of the sound.

1. Freak Seven – We Bring The Music (Dusty Dub)
2. Blaze – Lovelee Dae (2020Vision Remix)
3. Prophets of Sound – Tide Of Dreams (Gold Dust mix)
4. DJ Dove – Come On (2020Vision Remix)
5. Soldiers Of Twilight – Believe (Gold Dust Mix)
6. Blaze – Wishing You Were Here (2020Vision Remix)
7. Wolf n Flow – I’m Feeling Moody (Dusty Dub)
8. The House Crusaders – May The Force Be With You (Gold Dust mix)
9. Shawn Christopher – Make My Love (Dusty Dub)
10. Secret Knowledge – Escape From New York (Gold Dust edit)
11. Arthur Baker – Different Styles (2020Vision Remix)
12. Cravo e Canela – Time (2020Vision Remix)

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