Stimming - Stimming - Diynamic

Stimming – Stimming – Diynamic

May 24, 2013

Diynamic Music pick up the pace following the standout artist album from David August with the full self-titled album by Stimming.

‘Stimming’ is like a story, told by the maker and his music. Listening to this album sends you drifting off into another world, filled with extravagant characters and thoughts, blossoming ideas and suspenseful moments.

“Naked feet walking on sand/Gently senses awake”

The story begins pacing through the snowy white sand; seagulls chirp and a steady bass emerges as waves crash onto a beach; these natural recordings produce a dream-like state and leave you temporarily forlorn in the sounds of Stimming.

His new album was born in this very state of mind, on the beaches of the Baltic Sea, during a five-week retreat from reality in the winter of 2012. The contrast of traditional and modern, of colourful yet sinister, of classic but still innovative compositions creates a beautiful musical juxtaposition.

These delicate controversies are mirrored from the music into the artwork: bright waves surrounded by dark skies, a beautiful and enchanting cherry blossom placed upon two black, headless pigeons, bringing together somewhatdisconnected elements. These pigeons are the main theme of the track “Die Taube auf dem Dach”, a track that communicates the hope and dream of freedom while “Die Mächtigen” is an anger-filled statement about the hidden demons of the financial industry that influence the world’s daily life for the sake of profit.

The album’s third track “Ferdinand” centres around Spanish guitar and tactile vocals by singer Urzula Amen, emerging elegantly into multi layered harmonies accompanied by enchanting synthesizer sounds. Amen also appears on “From One Cell” – a light, sizzling and soulful interpretation of modern house music.

Stimming implants clever connections in between the tracks such as the graceful piano playing of “Cherry Bud” that re-emerges in the later track “Cherry Blossom”, full of life and opulence. Marrying classical elements with modern production methods is his forte, such as on “Dylan’s Theme”, where strings (played by Dylan Naylor) and bass frivolously dance together.

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