Telonius - Old Toy - Gomma

Telonius – Old Toy – Gomma

May 2, 2013

Jonas Imbery, along with Mathias ‘Munk’ Modica owns and runs the Gomma imprint, here he returns under his Telonius moniker for a superb new single backed with remixes from upcoming Italian producers Stefano Ritteri & Ricardo Baez…

The Gomma label has been a bastion for quality, eclectic electronic music for some years now with its Gomma Dance Tracks imprint having pushed the boundaries of house music since 2009. Now one of the label’s founders, Jonas Imbery, steps up with his brand new single, ‘Old Toy’, giving an insight into what we can expect from his forthcoming debut album. Imbery’s productions have been at the heart of Gomma’s output over the past few years, with a string of singles that have showcased his outstanding production and diverse musical influences; for his latest release he steps into classic House mode with a unique record that is part pop, part dancefloor anthem.

“Old Toy” kicks off with the original version, a bubbling slice of House music that marries old school organ stabs, warm bass and shuffling rhythms with the records catchy vocal lines. An organic & subtly building arrangement draws you in to the classic feel of the track with drops and edits used to keep a sense of flow from beginning to end. The original mix is followed by a dub version that drops the lead vocal in favour of swirling FX and tightly chopped vox sections.

The first of the two remixes comes from Italian producer Stefano Ritteri best know for his work as SOLO on Dirtybird, Exploited etc here he twists “Old Toy” into a spacious and hypnotic House number that strips back the organ parts and focuses on a deeper bass led groove with tightly looped sections of the vocal taking center stage, quality stuff. To complete the package we have up and coming producer Ricardo Baez at the controls, here he reworks Telonius’ cut into a quality piece of groove led House music that is a perfect final piece in the puzzle.

‘Old Toy’ is without a doubt another winner from the Gomma label and a superb taster of what’s to come from Telonius and his album, due for release in August 2013.

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