Tiagovch - Exit - Evamore Music

Tiagovch – Exit – Evamore Music

June 24, 2013

Evamore Music welcomes a very open-minded album thanks to Tiagovch, another project of Ronald Christoph, the Evamore’s owner. With this non-conformity and no identity approach, this album will probably touchs your soul in its deepest layers. Close your eyes and take the time to listen it with all your attention.

Edgar de Ramon - Secret Point - Kiara

Edgar de Ramon – Secret Point – Kiara Records

June 23, 2013

Edgar de Ramon is a Spanish producer who has appeared on imprints like Mindshake Records, Kiara Records and Inmotion Music and has a decade’s worth of experience of DJing around the world. Here he steps out on Kiara once more with a new three track EP complete with a remix from Minus man Barem

Various Artists - Colour Series Vol. 1 - Colour Series

Various Artists – Colour Series Vol. 1 – Colour Series

June 22, 2013

Another regular collaborator here is Mike Peters. Mike has been DJing and organizing music events for the last 10 years in Zurich and all over Switzerland. It was at one of Mike’s parties in Zurich a few years ago that he first booked Jem Haynes. Since then, the pair have gone on to collaborate in the studio on a regular basis. In his DJ sets, Mike takes inspiration from a wide range of musical influences, making them diverse and unique.

Max Chapman - Fixation EP - Be Social Music

Max Chapman – Fixation EP – Be Social Music

June 21, 2013

Be Social Music are back with our second release and we are very proud to have friend of Be Social and underground star “Max Chapman” with “Fixation Ep”, a deep house workout with indie-disco smash “I Need You” on the AA flip side. Max needs no introduction with his talents far exceeding his years and still only in his early 20’s he already has massive releases on Hot Waves, Nasty Funky and his own Resonance Records to name a few, also a firm favourite with prolific parties Circo Loco, Krankbrother, Back to Basics and Creche, the UK and beyond gig diary is packed.

Joe Drive - The Sound Oasis - Aesthetic Audio

Joe Drive – The Sound Oasis – Aesthetic Audio

June 20, 2013

The 17th installment from Aesthetic Audio takes Italian bred producer Joe Drive and Detroit’s own Keith Worthy on a two-man journey all the way to the depths of ”The Sound Oasis”. On this journey, Joe Drive articulates lush and extremely deep textures – and Worthy compliments the project by paying tribute to Joe’s original with a stripped down, raw and bumpy rendition of Amnios.

Sarah Letor - Again

Sarah Letor – Again

June 19, 2013

Jazz music welcomes a new pearl, the Italo-Belgian singer Sarah Letor. With a voice between Amy Winehouse (without her addictions) and some great figures of the glorious years of the Jazz, Sarah Letor embarks us in a journey in which she is challenging the time. From the 30’s Jazz to the contemporary pop-jazz, she explores her universe without any conscesions and brings us a real breath of fresh air.

Guy Gerber - Who's Stalking Who?

Guy Gerber – Who’s Stalking Who? (Free Album)

June 19, 2013

Currently wowing Pacha, Ibiza with his new weekly residency, ‘Wisdom Of The Glove’ Guy Gerber has managed to coax only the most interesting artists such as Mathew Jonson, Four Tet and John Talabot deep into his surreal, otherworldly rabbit hole.

Robert Babicz - The Owl And The Butterfly - Systematic

Robert Babicz – The Owl And The Butterfly – Systematic

June 17, 2013

When you’re a producer as sensitively tuned into your environment as Robert Babicz, music production goes far deeper than basslines, drums and melodies. “The Owl and The Butterfly”, the final in the artist’s trilogy for Systematic Recording, is an album driven not by the science of music creation, but rather Babciz’s own deep connection, or ‘oneness’ with nature he experienced during walks through the Königsforest near his home in Cologne.

Ferdinand Dreyssig - Indigo Skies - Cat For Lunch

Ferdinand Dreyssig – Indigo Skies – Cat For Lunch

June 7, 2013

Italian label Cat for Lunch has been straight out of the blocks with their first few releases, with remixes and originals by the likes of Tinush, Alex Costa and Patrick Kunkel indicative of the fact. For their next trick, label owners Metrophonique call on the inimitable skills of Mr. Ferdinand Dreyssig, with the prolific German laying down some seriously emphatic beats on the sublime ”Indigo Skies” EP.

Kerri Chandler - Hallelujah - King Street Sounds

Kerri Chandler – Hallelujah (Remixes) – King Street Sounds

June 6, 2013

What happens when four great producers remix one of Kerri Chandler’s classic tracks? Well, let’s just say this release will have everyone yelling “Hallelujah”! King Street Sounds newcomers Robosonic begin by creating a total “Jekyll & Hyde” of a track combining darkness with Kerri Chandler’s light annihilating any dancefloor! Mihalis Safras doesn’t disappoint with his catchy, bass driven remix. J. Barum will have you saying “holy horns” with his great sampling work in this throwback remix. Finally, the legend himself remixes his classic into total “Kaoz”.

Pavel Petrov - Low Pressure - Trapez Ltd

Pavel Petrov – Low Pressure – Trapez Ltd

June 6, 2013

Pavel Petrov is no newcomer to the scene. He has released on some of the best and big awarded records labels of Bulgaria. His tracks have made it into the charts of Maya Jane Coles, Cats n Dogs, Nina Kravits, Maceo Plex and many more. So expect his electronic soul also to take possession with these three brand new tracks.

Intu:itiv - Homecoming - MBF ltd

Intu:itiv – Homecoming – MBF Ltd

June 6, 2013

“Homecoming” is the follow up to the successful “The Road Less Travelled” by the Cologne duo Intu:itiv. “Homecoming” carries all that glamour of fabulous dance nights in the past; hedonistic house nights in garages and industrial sites that can consume huge amounts of energy but give back more than you can take in. It is indeed a soundtrack for these nights that wear out nice and smooth.

Felix Cage - A Cat On A Ledge EP - Electroncial Reeds

Felix Cage – A Cat On A Ledge EP – Electroncial Reeds

June 6, 2013

Belgian DJ/producer Felix Cage is a man on the rise. Having cropped up on a number of seminal imprints over the years, this time around he returns to his home label, Electronical Reeds; for a stunning record that speaks volumes of his eclecticism and his vast expertise in the production studio.

Demir & Seymen - Spooky Swap EP - MBF

Demir & Seymen – Spooky Swap EP – MBF

June 5, 2013

Demir & Seymen return with their new EP “Spooky Swap”. Kicking off with “Whatever You Say”, this track carries that kind of dance decadence Demir & Seymen have so skillfully exercised in the past on MBF. The track is a pastiche of impressions. A fractured journey of beats and emotional disintegration, all recorded and put together in that elegant postmodern Berlin style that has been pushed so successfully by Bar-25 and Kater Holzig. “Whatever You Say”, is a sexy tapeworm, that keeps rolling, triggered by its sensual bassline. A track that has no beginning and no end, but you could call a friend.

Figueroa & Obando - Hip Not Hipster - Unike Muzik

Figueroa & Obando – Hip Not Hipster – Unike Muzik

June 5, 2013

Leo Leal’s Unike Muzik burst on to the scene in 2012, with their first few records-including those by the likes of Markus Homm and Carlos Sanchez-marking them out as a label of some promise. Their 7th release arrives courtesy of Colombians Figueroa & Obando-a duo with a future that looks set to be every bit as captivating as the label they represent here.