Edgar de Ramon - Secret Point - Kiara

Edgar de Ramon – Secret Point – Kiara Records

June 23, 2013

Edgar de Ramon is a Spanish producer who has appeared on imprints like Mindshake Records, Kiara Records and Inmotion Music and has a decade’s worth of experience of DJing around the world. Here he steps out on Kiara once more with a new three track EP complete with a remix from Minus man Barem.

First up is Lighthouse, a tightly involved tech house groove with intricate percussion rolling along above under-lapping and hugely infectious beats. Laced up with some abstract alien voices talking about lighthouses and dark and ominous moods from another galaxy, it proves that minimal tropes still have plenty of life in them if done well. Next up is the lively remix from Barem which has deep bass drones and is as lively as you like, with splashes of cymbals, off kilter claps and hits and more dark vocals all making for a hugely dynamic dancefloor bomb.

On the flip are two tracks, firstly Single Right which is a multi-layered brew of feathery snares and hi hats, liquid beats and abstract occult moods that take you to a world miles away from this one. Finally, Secret Point follows a similar path with its hugely dynamic percussive lines, fluid, interlocking grooves and organic sounding drums carrying you along at an inviting pace.

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