Ferdinand Dreyssig - Indigo Skies - Cat For Lunch

Ferdinand Dreyssig – Indigo Skies – Cat For Lunch

June 7, 2013

Italian label Cat for Lunch has been straight out of the blocks with their first few releases, with remixes and originals by the likes of Tinush, Alex Costa and Patrick Kunkel indicative of the fact. For their next trick, label owners Metrophonique call on the inimitable skills of Mr. Ferdinand Dreyssig, with the prolific German laying down some seriously emphatic beats on the sublime ”Indigo Skies” EP.

First up is ”Post Symphonic”. Stirring, menacing and with some tough and complex drum patterns making a real impression throughout, it struts throughout with a rugged edge that makes it best suited to discerning and demanding dancefloors. As the tension builds and the track reaches a crescendo, it explodes into a vibrant array of colours that prove the cherry on top.

The title track is up next. This time, the emphasis is placed on vaguely more downtempo strands, as subtle bells and percussion form the backbone of a track that makes smart use of some canny piano melodies. A track with such groove is precisely the sort of weapon that Alejandro Mosso salivates over, and so it that the Argentine producer delivers a spellbinding remix; one that calls on a fat bassline and some scrupulously placed chords. Finally, another German producer, Pazul, makes his presence felt through his similarly excellent remix. Drenched in clever reverb and considerably more pitched back, the overall theme here is the atmosphere.

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