Figueroa & Obando - Hip Not Hipster - Unike Muzik

Figueroa & Obando – Hip Not Hipster – Unike Muzik

June 5, 2013

Leo Leal’s Unike Muzik burst on to the scene in 2012, with their first few records-including those by the likes of Markus Homm and Carlos Sanchez-marking them out as a label of some promise. Their 7th release arrives courtesy of Colombians Figueroa & Obando-a duo with a future that looks set to be every bit as captivating as the label they represent here.

On Hip Not Hipster, the prolific pairing delve deep into their vast repertoire of sounds, with well-rounded productions of the type we saw on their recent remix on French imprint Time Has Changed very much their forte. Opening track ”Hubbles is Back” is restrained electronica that weaves behind taut, melancholy pastures and more up-tempo strands, with its delicately poised vocal ensuring it stays polished and primed throughout.

”Mango Moose” is high-calibre tech-house built for summer time dancefloors, with its wailing vocal and groovy aesthetic one that’s definitely suited to warmer climes.

The title track itself, ”Hip Not Hipster” moves at a bountiful pace, as it gains added momentum thanks to its vaguely ominous, grumbling sounds and its firm emphasis on the loop. The drums then play a focal role on final track ”Timelapse”, an effort that sounds out the EP with considered excellence.

Miguel Lobo & Larry Peters then team up for a remix of ”Hubbles in Back”, a barnstorming interpretation that leans toward techno-based aesthetics.

Russian house gangster Tripmastaz opts for an ominous interpretation on his ‘Plant 74 Dub’ remix of ”Mango Moose”, one that pays respectful homage to the original’s obvious merits, signing off the E.P. with a firm, classy edge.

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