Niconé - Let Love Begin - Stil Vor Talent

Niconé – Let Love Begin – Stil Vor Talent

September 8, 2013

Niconé, the versatile musician and likeable style-icon: unshaven and latently bleary-eyed, of course, but elegant and – thankfully – modest at the same time. Over the past years, Alexander Gerlach has become synonymous with a certain playful touch and light-hearted attitude that flows through his music and goes hand in hand with a laidback natural tenor. 2011 saw him release the hugely successful ‘Romantic Thrills’ album together with his good friend and constant partner in crime Sascha Breamer.

Dapayk & Padberg - SMOKE - Mo's Ferry Productions

Dapayk & Padberg – SMOKE – Mo’s Ferry Productions

September 3, 2013

You open the door. You take a step into the cool fog of a new morning. It‘s the hour before sunrise and while somewhere the remains of last nights party beats are hovering in the air, the wind carries broken scraps of a singer/ songwriter piece through the haunting haze your way. The night made way for a new day. A day, when everything will be different. Change, transformation, developement- these have always been the motor behind Berlins electronica duo Dapayk& Padberg.

Pierre Santino - Wellness - Apparel Music

Pierre Santino – Wellness – Apparel Music

September 2, 2013

Pierre Santino comes along with an massive album on Apparel Music! “Wellness” presents a fresh jazzy sound and moody concept with selected jazz cuts weaved into a funk carpet. The original track “Wellness” is supported by a special Undeep’s version.

Richard Seeley & Paul Loraine - The Trip - Discolour

Richard Seeley & Paul Loraine – The Trip – Discolour

September 1, 2013

Richard Seeley’s Discolour imprint continues to go from strength-to-strength, this time thanks to the label head’s collaboration with another multifaceted producer, the Spanish-based Paul Loraine. The expertly crafted double A-side ‘The Trip/The Fall’ is the result of their recent studio endeavours, and as you’d expect from a duo renowned individually for their quality-strewn production, it’s a heady two-tracker that’s laden with ambiance and multiple intriguing facets.