Richard Seeley & Paul Loraine - The Trip - Discolour

Richard Seeley & Paul Loraine – The Trip – Discolour

September 1, 2013

Richard Seeley’s Discolour imprint continues to go from strength-to-strength, this time thanks to the label head’s collaboration with another multifaceted producer, the Spanish-based Paul Loraine. The expertly crafted double A-side ‘The Trip/The Fall‘ is the result of their recent studio endeavours, and as you’d expect from a duo renowned individually for their quality-strewn production, it’s a heady two-tracker that’s laden with ambiance and multiple intriguing facets.

First up on the release is the brilliantly incongruous sounds of ”The Trip”. While it might be soaked with groove, it’s also crafted on a decidedly ominous tip, with its sniping, beguiling keys and its unpredictable mannerisms helping to add a satisfying dose of all-round confusion to the table. As the atmosphere builds and the vocal creeps in, it turns into an all-new sort of beast. Sit back and watch as this one prompts the proverbial devastation on the dancefloor.

The Fall”, on the other hand, is more concerned with subtle impressions rather than knocking your socks off. The duo’s penchant for melody is thus well represented here, with its sparse outlay of synths and its bellowing piano chords further showcasing a desire to do things on their own watch. All in all, Discolour’s latest serving is a veritable treat that emphasises the standing of two producers embarking on a very colourful – and exciting – path. Here’t to much more to come.

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