Archie Pelago - Hall of Human Origins - Styles Upon Styles

Archie Pelago – Hall of Human Origins – Styles Upon Styles

October 7, 2013

Following four releases in the Bangers and Ash 12” series, Styles Upon Styles inaugurates the label proper with an EP from our friends and community cohorts, Archie Pelago.

The triptych talents of Hirshi, Kroba, and Cosmo D have gathered widespread attention in only a few years’ time due to their simple yet underused approach to crafting dance music: keep it human, give it soul. All productions are inspired by and indebted to improvisational performances that effortlessly survey the past, present, and future of genreless grooves. No gig will sound the same as the last just as no release prepares one for the next, though both add to the ever-evolving narrative integral to understanding Archie Pelago’s output. From their earliest digital releases on End Fence and Tectonic, through substantial 12″s via Mister Saturday Night, Well Rounded, and their recent self-released transmissions (Sly Gazabo EP and Breezy Whey), each body of work contributes to an aural unfolding only this trio can predict. With that, it is our humblest pleasure to present Hall of Human Origins, a five-track EP of all new material from Archie Pelago.

Sequenced with great care to the moods and tempos contained within, Hall of Human Origins opens with “Chronomancer”, a recurring number from their live sets that has finally settled into a form of permanency. “Joyce Drop” follows with a half-time tempo accented by rolling breaks and a free-wheelin’ momentum that rises and falls with each melodic progression. Closing the A side is “Wrong Apartment (Worms)”, a funkified groove engulfed by a cornucopia of shifting synths and percussion.

On the flip, “I Know About Robert’s World” presents an environ rife with trap-door drops and color-saturated chords under an air of unfurling psychotropic effects. The EP’s title track features a blistering techno workout inspired by primitive times past. A thundering kick drum becomes the beast’s skeleton, with sidewinding strings and distant horns mutating the jam into an immersive eyes-down experience.

Mastered and cut by Matt Colton at Alchemy in London. Pressed at MPO in France with artwork from Calvin Ho and SUS sleeve design by Tschiegg.

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