Guillamino & Esteban Adame - Tegami - Bankrobber

Guillamino & Esteban Adame – Tegami – Bankrobber

October 7, 2013

Barcelona’s Guillamino and LA’s Esteban Adame get together for a long-distance release by means of overseas letters (tegami) reaching as far as Japan.

Opening track and original mix is a no-beats by Guillamino, powered by free-run Prophet synth bass/chords ambience enveloping a seemingly disturbing farewell-letter lyricism. Second is Adame’s reading of that letter coming from such faraway lands. A not-so-sunnyLA innervision of the same “Tegami”.

Last is Brooklyn’s 100% Silk Octo Octa, lowriding house stomp. A classical yet still mysterious sounding approach with a highly polyrhytmic charge.

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