Timothy Blake - Heat Crime EP - Kleine Reise Records

Timothy Blake – Heat Crime EP – Kleine Reise Records

October 7, 2013

Love, Murder, Passion… in the heat of the night what is unresolved comes to the fore. After a maiden voyage into the unknown last spring, and on a continuing expedition, he find himself entering into the fantastical world of a bedroom jockey with a sublimely over active imagination.

Firstly on the A-side is; ‘Heat Crime’ a dreamy half reverie that unfurled itself near the end of a late night session.Through misty intimations it gradually took shape, stirring delight in its receptive translator. In the beginning ‘Heat Crime’ was an unformed mood but through toil and mishap it became music. It was underived, but its cousins and aunts are the forgotten and quietly enchanting soundtracks to Ms Marple, Hercule Poirot, who drip mystery and beauty unannounced calling the heart to attention. The second track on this side is ‘Moon Letters’.A crescent lit jazz nocturne, evoking visions of stormy seas on a far off globe,Two parts euphoria to one part melancholy, it is a highly composed piece of rave revival.
On the flip Peter plunges ‘Heat Crime’ into the paranoid depths of near psychosis, only to re-emerge with triumphant redemption.

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