Dream Koala – Odyssey – Splendid

November 28, 2013

Following his amazing appearance at Bestival, Dream Koala is now releasing the ‘Odyssey’ EP. After having the title track premiered exclusively by Rob Da Bank on BBC Radio 1 in August, it racked up over 150,000 listens on Soundcloud over the last few weeks and reached #4 position of original tracks in Hype Machine chart’s. The EP contains three originals tracks ‘Odyssey’, ‘Architect’ and a solid rework of Koala favourite ‘Ocean’, now featuring the wonderful Soko. A full length 3D animated video by the Parisian wonder kids from the ‘Fabulous’ collective will soon complete the package.

Speaking about ‘Odyssey’, Dream Koala says “This track is inspired by a dream I had where I died in a plane crash. ‘Odyssey’ comes from the travels of Ulysses – his fear of never coming back home & never reaching his ambitions. It’s a track about deception and the fear of death, the fear of never accomplishing your ambitions.”

Growing up in Paris to Brazilian parents, the 14 year old Yndi Ferreira quickly taught himself to play guitar and sing, playing in his first groups over the next couple of years. By the time Dream Koala was born last year, the now 18 year old Yndi was already producing his own tracks & DJing, remixing the likes of Angel Haze & The group 1975. Playing out europe wide (he has his own residence at Paris’s Social Club), he has already had prestigious invitations to the London Boiler room & festival appearances including the aforementioned Bestival.

“I want to have my own genre by mixing all my influences together. To me, everything is connected – be it the genius of Flying Lotus or the ethereal beauty of My Bloody Valentine. When I make music it’s like as if I entered an empty room. I feel alone but I feel good. It’s like a therapy – I can put out what is inside of me, stuff that i don’t really want to talk about. I want to make people think about themselves, make them think about their choices in their life. I want to touch people minds and feelings. Perhaps their melancholia…”

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