Kurt Howes - K Grooves Volume 1 - UuVee Recordings

Kurt Howes – K Grooves Volume 1 – UuVee Recordings

November 5, 2013

From the owner of UuVee Recordings, Kurt Howes, arrives a project which they are all excited to see launched. Drawing from the influence of the fantastic Morels Grooves in the 90’s Kurt’s plan is to release a series of EPs providing sessions of funky grooves in a deep house flavour of which K Grooves Volume 1 is the first. This release delivers three tracks,” Red”, “Blue” and “Green”.

“Red” drives a hypnotic lead melody coupled with a bass follow that flows through a percussive swinging rhythm.

“Blue” merges the classic sounds of disco vocal sections with great sub baselines on a journey full of twists and turns.

“Green” brings the pace up but remains positively chilled with a great deep house feel influenced by those days after the night before. A groove set to lounge with you on the beach and pool and get you ready for the next session.

A couple of weeks ago when the final track “Green” was on the mixing desk, Kurt explained “(…) it’s been some time getting here, but I’m really excited about this product and where it’s heading. My aim is to get some great basic grooves and bring some simple but classic and catchy musical elements. If I see the guys nodding their heads and saying “yeah, this feels right” then I’ll know I’m on the right track (…)”

Three smooth and interesting versions about a state of mind and a nice discovering of this label for our team. We will certainly continue to follow it!

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