Frenchfire - Whowillluvu EP - Biologic Records

Frenchfire – Whowillluvu EP – Biologic Records

March 12, 2014

The Biologic household plays host to artists such as Gameboyz, Morgan Hammer, Attan and Zombies in Miami,
all alongside label co-owners Abstraxion and DC Salas. For this release the London, Marseille and Brussels
based label follows on from Abstraxion’s own ‘Break Of Lights’ LP released in December, which received heavy
hitting support from Dan Snaith (Caribou), Nicolas Jaar and James Holden.

When the Biologic team discovered the Manchester based Alex Lowther-Harris aka Frenchfire in the depths of
soundcloud it was love at first listen. Relocating from a calm rural background into the hustle and bustle of the
inner city his production has been influenced as such – foundations in tranquil melancholy electronica coupled
with the contemporary twists of house, garage and trip-hop.

‘Whowillluvu’ is a powerful and emotive track – the most striking aspect being the ethereal female vocal, which
Alex sublimely reverberates around whirring atmospherics. The moving intonations are laced over delicate
percussion patterns and a soft arpeggiated melody to create a particularly beautiful yet eerie original.

Up for remix duty is The Silence Family Music boss, Vidis, also attributed as the first Lithuanian DJ to deliver a
high profile mix album – for Get Physical Music. His remix of ‘Whowillluvu’ is equally thought provoking with the
ghostly echoing vocal emphasised, a slightly raised tempo and accentuated drum arrangements all culminating
to create a warm spectral sounding remix.

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