DJ Pippi & Sandro S – Fatal – Cold Busted

July 18, 2014

Italian by name, German by trade, and with a career forged by Ibiza, DJ Pippi once again has hooked up with Sandro S, the name behind one of Italy’s top house labels, CibiCaldi Recordings. Together, along with a short vocal feature by Laurance B, they have created a vibe-laden, breezy and jazzy cut for Cold Busted. Chilled, but not lacking in groove, “Fatal” is a rhythmic and classy killer with impeccable timing, landing during a summer where much of the world’s attention is focused on Brazil. Using bells, shakers, and a hiccup of vocal chants, a tinge of samba gives way to the refined cool of a balearic touch, both reflective of paradise settings.

Moving on to the remixes, Green Street are three production minded friends that host the Str8 Busted Podcast out of the southeastern United States. Their Dub ups the funk with more prominent guitars and the introduction of a wailing organ melody and stabs. Mojo Rising hails from a Los Angeles rave DJ background, having taken that initial spark and channeled it into academia in order to grow as a downtempo and trip-hop producer. He adds smooth, rhythmic glitches, more booming — but deep — bass, and an angelic vocal hymn to the breakdown. Finally, Polish Cold Busted fam LoopMaffia takes a complete departure from the original heading towards experimental electronica with mutating synths, hard-to-place percussive elements, and strange voices fitting of the ‘Grim Void’ remix title. An included instrumental of the original rounds off another hot Cold Busted release sure to kickstart an idyllic summer.

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