Oberst & Buchner - Doves [feat. Mimu] - Schonbrunner Perlen

Oberst & Buchner – Doves [feat. Mimu] – Schönbrunner Perlen

August 10, 2014

Vienna’s Schönbrunner Perlen label is an always interesting outlet that offers truly musical dance sounds. Following on from a Various Artists EP and solo efforts from Lupo and Denis Yashin comes this, a magic new single from Oberst & Buchner feat. Mimu.

Oberst & Buchner are Bavarian collaborators who between them hold down residencies in Vienna and have released experimental concept albums, as well as being a firm part of the Schönbrunner Perlen family.

Their new single ‘Doves’ is a patiently building, hugely sensitive bit of house with punchy and playful drums, ethereal soft focus synths and a chilly iciness running up its spine. Breathy, stylish vocal inflections add an organic element to the track and it’s the sort of emotive stand out track that will form the peak of any DJ set with its string out and spine tingling, Caribou style synths.

Schonbrunner label boss Ken Hayakawa, who has also released on labels like International Deejay Gigolo, then turns in the first remix. Smoothing out the kinks, Ken re-versions the track as a nice and progressive bit of liquid house riddled with organic percussion, watery chords and sumptuous strings. Next up it’s German Rampue, a regular on Audiolith, who goes super deep and stripped back on his haunting house remix, allowing but a few somber synths and the original’s great vocals to strike deep at your core.

Another German producer, Alex Q, who runs Kleinstadtfeeling and Farbton, remixes into a bouncy bit of drum led house. His textures are frayed, warm and organic and are rhythmically playful as the icy Mimu vocals dance about up top. Finally, Patalc aka Patrick Muller, a man who has released singles on labels such as liebe*detail, Soulfooled, Baalsaal, completes the package with his eerie, darkened version. Featuring well swung drums, emo chords and chilly electronic textures, it’s a wintery track that makes you feel something as well as want to dance.

All in all, this delicious single gets a wealth of great remixes and each one exactly hits the mark it’s going for.

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