CU013 - Howson's Groove - Don't Stay EP - Chasing Unicorns

Howson’s Groove – Don’t Stay EP – Chasing Unicorns

March 17, 2015

UK duo Howson’s Groove make their return to the Chasing Unicorns imprint on March 16th with ‘Don’t Stay’ EP featuring a remix from ex-AZ&TOR and MadTech artist, Kalyde.

Louie Fresco - Autophobia LP - No.19 Music

Louie Fresco – Autophobia LP – No.19 Music

July 19, 2014

As No.19 Music celebrates its fifth anniversary, Jonny White’s highly influential label looks to hotly tipped Mexican DJ/producer Louie Fresco for the label’s latest album release…

Various Artists - Thank You - Soulection

Various Artists – Thank You – Soulection

December 4, 2013

The US label Soulection recently hit 50k supporters worldwide on Soundcloud and want to show its gratitude by putting together this mini-comp from some of our heavy hitters. Whether you have been supporting it since day one, months ago, or just discovered it, you could download this great free EP.

Hubie Davison - I Won't Be There - Leisure System

Hubie Davison – I Won’t Be There – Leisure System

November 28, 2013

Hubie Davison makes his artist debut on Leisure System with the I Won’t Be There EP, an expansive collection of lush, interplanetary house that is at once vaguely exotic and completely entrancing.

Dream Koala – Odyssey – Splendid

November 28, 2013

Following his amazing appearance at Bestival, Dream Koala is now releasing the ‘Odyssey’ EP. After having the title track premiered exclusively by Rob Da Bank on BBC Radio 1 in August, it racked up over 150,000 listens on Soundcloud over the last few weeks and reached #4 position of original tracks in Hype Machine chart’s. The EP contains three originals tracks ‘Odyssey’, ‘Architect’ and a solid rework of Koala favourite ‘Ocean’, now featuring the wonderful Soko. A full length 3D animated video by the Parisian wonder kids from the ‘Fabulous’ collective will soon complete the package.

Doctor Zygote - Grupo Zygote - Black Acre

Doctor Zygote – Grupo Zygote – Black Acre

October 7, 2013

Welcome to the first installment of the Black Acre library series curated and created by longtime Hip Hop production boss and Strange U beat-bruiser, Dr Zygote. His mantra in creating this LP has an almost Jack White level of reductionism “In this day and age where people have almost too many sonic options at their fingertips, I find it easier to spark my creativity if I limit myself in some way..give myself a set of rules to work within on a project. That’s why on this one I decided to only use sounds I’d played and recorded myself, no samples.”

South London Ordnance - He Do The Police In Different Voices - Aery Metals

South London Ordnance – He Do The Police In Different Voices – Aery Metals

October 7, 2013

South London Ordnance continues to make positive, headstrong moves in 2013 launching his own label, Aery Metals.

Tree - Demons - Apollo

Tree – Demons – Apollo

October 7, 2013

Apollo Records is very proud to welcome the explosive young talent that is Oliver Tree Nickell to the label with this utterly extraordinary release. The Santa Cruz resident has already been around the musical block, including time in various teenage bands plus success on the west coast DJ scene in his teens, but now – at an age when most artists are only starting their explorations – he emerges as a fully mature artist, beyond scene and style, able to stand proud among the great mavericks of modern music.

Iron Galaxy - Things We Lost Along The Way - Born Electric

Iron Galaxy – Things We Lost Along The Way – Born Electric

October 7, 2013

The third release from James Zabielas’ fledgling ‘Born Electric’ label sees him opening up his arms to another auspicious talent in the form of Montreal resident Iron Galaxy.

Lone - Airglow Fires - R&S Records

Lone – Airglow Fires – R&S Records

October 7, 2013

‘Airglow Fires’ is the first new Lone material to emerge since his masterful ‘Galaxy Garden’ album, his most complete body of work to date. Departing from the themes of the rave/hardcore revival and cinematic interstellar travel, ‘Airglow Fires’ sees him exploring a more considered and intimate sound alongside a rediscovered love of classic hip-hop, as he explains “I love hip hop and house music when it’s at it’s rawest – to me ‘Airglow Fires’ has that kind of 90’s basement vibe to it, where the lines between the two genres are kind blurred”.

Timothy Blake - Heat Crime EP - Kleine Reise Records

Timothy Blake – Heat Crime EP – Kleine Reise Records

October 7, 2013

Love, Murder, Passion… in the heat of the night what is unresolved comes to the fore. After a maiden voyage into the unknown last spring, and on a continuing expedition, he find himself entering into the fantastical world of a bedroom jockey with a sublimely over active imagination.

Archie Pelago - Sly Gazabo - Archie Pelago Music

Archie Pelago – Sly Gazabo – Archie Pelago Music

October 7, 2013

Archie Pelago is the trio of Hirshi, Kroba, and Cosmo D and they hail from Brooklyn, NY. Archie Pelago combines their varied backgrounds in jazz and classical music with a common love for rhythm and the wide-open possibilities of electronic music. It is this sonic exploration that has led them to their most ambitious release to date: The Sly Gazabo EP.

Laurel Halo - Behind the Green Door - Hyperdub

Laurel Halo – Behind the Green Door – Hyperdub

October 7, 2013

Laurel Halo returns with ‘Behind The Green Door’, a stripped back, rhythmic, and sonically absorbing EP. While re-injecting rhythm as the central focus, Laurel’s compositional senses of elevated flow and ambient detail remain intact, harking back to earlier releases like Hour Logic and the Spring 12″ under the King Felix alias.

Dapayk & Padberg - SMOKE - Mo's Ferry Productions

Dapayk & Padberg – SMOKE – Mo’s Ferry Productions

September 3, 2013

You open the door. You take a step into the cool fog of a new morning. It‘s the hour before sunrise and while somewhere the remains of last nights party beats are hovering in the air, the wind carries broken scraps of a singer/ songwriter piece through the haunting haze your way. The night made way for a new day. A day, when everything will be different. Change, transformation, developement- these have always been the motor behind Berlins electronica duo Dapayk& Padberg.

Tiagovch - Exit - Evamore Music

Tiagovch – Exit – Evamore Music

June 24, 2013

Evamore Music welcomes a very open-minded album thanks to Tiagovch, another project of Ronald Christoph, the Evamore’s owner. With this non-conformity and no identity approach, this album will probably touchs your soul in its deepest layers. Close your eyes and take the time to listen it with all your attention.