GusGus - Crossfade Remixe - Kompakt

GusGus – Crossfade Remixe – Kompakt

May 20, 2014

As on the highly acclaimed, best-selling precursor album Arabian Horse, Crossfade is a track that brings together its ideas in a stunning whirlwind of locomotive bliss that is as loco as it is exhilarating. It’s up to the remixers to cut through the defensive wall of diamantine melodies and monomaniac narration to vivisect the inner workings.

Pole Folder & Simon Latham - Human EP (incl. GusGus Remix) - Electronical Reeds

Pole Folder & Simon Latham – Human EP – Electronical Reeds

May 12, 2014

Next up on the Electronical Reeds label is Pole Folder, one of the foremost artists in his native Belgium, in association with Simon Latham. They serve up two fantastic tracks that come backed with four equally excellent remixes!