Demir & Seymen - Spooky Swap EP - MBF

Demir & Seymen – Spooky Swap EP – MBF

June 5, 2013

Demir & Seymen return with their new EP “Spooky Swap”. Kicking off with “Whatever You Say”, this track carries that kind of dance decadence Demir & Seymen have so skillfully exercised in the past on MBF. The track is a pastiche of impressions. A fractured journey of beats and emotional disintegration, all recorded and put together in that elegant postmodern Berlin style that has been pushed so successfully by Bar-25 and Kater Holzig. “Whatever You Say”, is a sexy tapeworm, that keeps rolling, triggered by its sensual bassline. A track that has no beginning and no end, but you could call a friend.