Different Marks - Untitled - Pets Recordings

Different Marks – Untitled – Pets Recordings

May 15, 2013

Different Marks is a collaborative project between Martin Dawson (King Roc, Two Armadillo), Grzegorz Demiañczuk and Voitek Tarañczuk (Catz N’ Dogz). Meeting through their overlapping, closeknit circle of friends, the three connected instantly. From their first studio session it was clear there was a strong working, as well as personal, chemistry; a relationship that was deeply rooted in music. Drawing upon each members’ idiosyncratic approach to writing, and through their shared work ethic of making the flow of each track paramount, the three worked fluidly together, with no boundaries, and no overthinking. On 12th November last year, Martin unexpectedly passed away. The album was completed shortly before his tragic death.